For Recruitment Agencies

Would you like to turn all of your Word forms into online forms for your candidates and clients to complete, sign and submit online? Our software can help you do just this! Victoria Forms software allows you to streamline your business and make form-filling much easier for your users. Our forms have a variety of add-on elements to ensure you and your clients receive all the data you need.

To help you get up and running quickly, we have some example Recruitment Agency form templates below. You can adapt these to suit your own requirements; due to the fact the forms are designed in Word, you are able to brand them as you wish. We’re always on hand to help our customers get to grips with the software and make sure you have online forms to be proud of! Get in touch today!

To show how easy it is, the short video below demonstrates how to create a Candidate Registration Form WITHIN Word. VF Creator is built to make it really easy for you to create your own online recruitment forms and documents. If you’re familiar with Word, you’ll soon pick up how to use VF Creator. As you can see from the video, it’s simple and straight forward!

Our Example forms includes:

Employee Monitoring Questionnaire
Employee Information Form
Candidate Expense Claim Form
Candidate Registration Form
Driver Application Form
Employer Reference Request
Temporary Agency Staff Request Form
Worker Timesheet
Terms and Conditions of Employment

“Switching to online forms has significantly reduced our administration burden and made the process of registering new candidates much faster… As a company we have become more efficient and technology-driven in the eyes of our candidates, clients and staff.”
Justin Murray, Big Sky Additions

Have a go at filling out our Recruitment Agency form templates!

Employee Monitoring Questionnaire
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Employee Information Form
Download Me