For Licensing Departments

The Victoria Forms solution for Licensing comes with a library of ready-to-use template eForms, branded to your Authority, giving you an immediate return on investment and maximising customer self-service for legally prescribed Licensing applications and notifications.

Combined with Victoria Forms’ Licensing Payments Module, in-form payments can be taken with integrated Back-Office systems for both Payments and Licensing management, removing the costly re-keying of data by your team. Direct Licensing Integration is compatible with any open back-office system – after eForm submission, data is exported as a formatted XML file that adheres to rules set by the specific back-office system, i.e. once accepted by the system, new cases will be set up or existing records updated automatically.

The ability to integrate with licensing system lookups (e.g. holder address and premises address) as well as current and previous licence look ups and intelligent form level validations ensure applications are submitted error-free and with 100% reliability during completion, reducing your administration costs and providing a secure, reliable solution that will deliver proven efficiencies to your Authority.

Licensing Forms

Temporary Event Notice Form
Licensing Library

Features and Processing

Integration – Idox Uniform
Payment Processing
Address Lookup
Evidence Upload
Enterprise Forms Server and Add-On Modules

Key Form: Temporary Event Notice (TEN) Form

The ready-made TEN form is a fully featured, interactive online eForm based upon the statutory application. Applicants can use the Previous Licence Lookup to prepopulate basic details if they have made an application before, saving time and effort. Information related to the proposed event is then captured in the rest of the form, with only relevant sections showing, based on answers given.

Intelligent form level validation is applied to mandatory fields, email addresses, and dates and times for the event, to prevent errors during form completion. The form will check itself for errors before submission to ensure efficient processing.

If required, applicants can upload documents directly to the form, such as an Event Risk Assessment or additional plans.

Upon submission, the form data and attached documents are automatically sent to the Police and the Environmental Health Department, which reduces the time taken to assess each TEN application. The information entered into the form can also be integrated directly into Idox Uniform, which removes the need to rekey any data.

To finalise the application, the form directs applicants to a secure payment provider, which completes the process.

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Licensing Form Library

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Features and Processing

Licensing Integration

Data from the following forms can be integrated directly into Idox Uniform using the Idox Licensing Connector:


  1. Temporary Event Notice
  2. Small Lotteries
  3. Scrap Metal Collectors
  4. Scrap Metal Site
  5. Taxi Drivers Licence
  6. Vehicle Licence
  7. Private Hire Operator Licence
  8. Personal Licence
  9. Premises Licence
  10. Transfer Premises Licence
  11. Petshop Licence
  12. Riding Establishment
  13. Dangerous Wild Animals
  14. Breeding Establishment for Dogs
  15. Animal Boarding
  16. Pleasure Boats
  17. Be in charge of or navigating pleasure boats
  18. Tables and Chairs Licence

On submission, our forms create an XML file of data entered by the applicant, which is sent to the connector to create a new license, renew an existing license or transfer licences between accounts. Direct integration negates the need to rekey any information, saving time for staff members and money for your Local Authority.

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Payment Processing

Where licence fees are applicable, forms can connect with your authority’s chosen payment provider to incorporate a seamless transition between form data and payments. Selected information can prepopulate the payment system e.g. validated applicant email address, which saves time and prevents errors.

Licensing application forms calculate and display the fee required based on the answers given within the form (where the fee is variable), and the correct total is automatically sent to the payment page.

Payment systems we currently work with include but are not limited to: XPay, CapitaPay, CivicaPay, Barclaycard and WorldPay.

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Address Lookup

Using a snapshot of a back office property database, or a service such as Gazetteer, an address lookup functionality can be added to any eform to help claimants or assistive members of staff quickly find a valid address.

The address lookup service also provides a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) to accompany the property address, which helps with direct XML integration into Uniform, which may require manual intervention without the UPRN.

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Evidence Upload

Use the Attachments module to collect evidence to accompany licence applications where required; such as Risk Assessments, event plans or insurance certificates.

The Attachments Module can be enabled on any form, and allows customers to instantly upload documents (you can choose the filetypes allowed) to be automatically submitted alongside their applications.

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Enterprise Forms Server

The Enterprise Forms Server is the core system for forms administration. It handles hosting of forms, user access to blank and filled forms, and processes completed forms.

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A number of Add-On Modules are available to further enhance the functionality and usefulness of the system, tailored to your needs.

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