For Environmental Health Departments

Victoria Forms have over a decade of experience in the field of designing online forms for local authorities, to replace paper forms or to provide a ready-made solution which is efficient and compatible with back-office systems.

The Service Request form is the main component to our Environmental Health solution – an intelligent form which uses your existing database to populate the list of reporting options.

Our experienced design team can also create additional forms for all Environmental Health requirements, such as Food Inspection Forms, which can be paired with our Offline module to facilitate reliable data capture during premises inspections.

Environmental Health Forms

Service Request Form
Environmental Health Form Library

Features and Processing

Integration – Idox Uniform
Address Lookup
Offline Forms Module
Enterprise Forms Server and Add-On Modules

Key Form: Service Request Form

Environmental Health departments cover such a large range of areas and not all authorities deal with reporting methods in the same way. With this in mind, Victoria Forms have created an intelligent form which communicates directly with your local authority’s back office system to give a personalised list of services that can be reported using this form.

Applicants are asked to agree to a Data Protection Statement at the start of the form, then can enter personal and contact details, as well as complete as much information about the incident they would like to report.

Upon submission, the form data is sent directly to Idox Uniform (if configured) or can be exported as a PDF.

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Environmental Health Forms Library

Victoria Forms currently provide the intelligent Service Request Form, which can be instantly branded to your authority; with corporate colour schemes, local authority name and contact details, meaning you can get up and running with online forms quickly and easily.

Further Environmental Health forms can be created by our experienced design team – based on existing paper forms, or to a specification as required by your Authority, such as Food Inspection forms for example.

Features and Processing

Integration – Direct into Idox Uniform

Data from the Service Request form can be integrated directly into Idox Uniform using the Idox Service Request Connector.

On submission, our forms create an XML file of data entered by the applicant, which is sent to the connector to create a new report. Direct integration negates the need to rekey any information, saving time for staff members and money for your Local Authority.

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Address Lookup

Using a snapshot of a back office property database, or a service such as Gazetteer, an address lookup functionality can be added to any eform to help claimants or assistive members of staff quickly find a valid address.

The address lookup service also provides a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) to accompany the property address, which helps with direct XML integration into Back Office Systems such as Idox Uniform, which may require manual intervention without the UPRN.

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Offline Forms

The Offline Forms module is invaluable for capturing data during premises inspections, where there may not be a reliable internet connection. Forms are completed within our Offline application in exactly the same way as the online form, including the ability to attach images and files (if the Attachments Module is enabled). Photographic evidence can be useful to help identify and locate an issue quickly, which can be helpful for complaints, or during premises inspections.

When reconnecting to the internet, form data and attached files are synchronised with the online system, and forms (and attachments) are submitted, indexed and integrated in the same way as their online counterparts.

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Enterprise Forms Server

The Enterprise Forms Server is the core system for forms administration. It handles hosting of forms, user access to blank and filled forms, and processes completed forms.

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A number of Add-On Modules are available to further enhance the functionality and usefulness of the system, tailored to your needs.

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