For Sales Teams

Create super smart online quotes, that are bespoke to every deal.

Your online quotes include:

  • Beautiful, image rich, striking pages detailing your company, products and services.

  • Smart order form with text boxes, number fields, checkboxes and drop-lists.

  • Allow your clients to specify exactly the product options they want from you. The order form checks itself for errors, ensuring nothing is left out or filled incorrectly.

  • Automatic calculations, for taxes, shipping, discounts, and grand total.

  • Your terms of business – included within the quote.

  • E Signature acceptance.

  • Online Payment. If you wish, you can give the customer the option to make an online payment when accepting the quote.

  • Automatic notifications when completed quotes are received.

  • Processing. Route completed orders to different departments to speed up delivery.


Cloud Hosting

All online blank and completed quotes are stored in our hosted online platform – Enterprise Forms Server.