Simplified Council Tax Reduction (CTR) Application Processing

Simplified CTR Application Process

Where Councils award CTR as a discount rather than as a benefit, this allows the application process to be greatly simplified.

Victoria Forms can provide a shortened, super smart online CTR application form, the data from which can immediately be validated and the CTR award calculated.

The discount can be applied directly to the customer’s CTR account, without the need to use a complicated benefit system process.

This change greatly reduces the administrative burden for the Council, while greatly speeding up the application and award process for the customer.

Victoria Forms provide a bespoke system for a Council, which facilitates this new way of working.

Bespoke Advanced CTR eForm

The Victoria Forms expert design team will provide a bespoke CTR application form, built to the Council’s exact specification, that uses the best practice established from similar work with other councils that have also simplified CTR applications.

Victoria Forms software offers a multitude of features that are available to create a user-friendly CTR experience for the user while collecting accurate, high-quality data for the council.

Calculation Processing

On receipt of the completed form, the Victoria Forms system will assemble the form data, validate it, and pass it to a bespoke calculation algorithm, built by Victoria Forms developers, and based on the Council’s CTR scheme. The output will be the percentage CTR reduction the customer will receive, along with a discount code for the Council Tax system. This calculation process takes less than one second.

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Key Features:

  • UK’s first simplified CTR processing scheme, developed and enhanced in partnership with Basildon Council

  • Brings great simplification to administration, dramatically reducing administrative costs.

  • Much easier for claimants – greatly simplifying the application process.

  • Much, much quicker to process and apply the discount leading to applicants paying their bills more quickly, increasing collection rates.

  • More resources focused on in-claim reviews can increase identification of erroneous claims.