UK Education - Online Course Application System

Victoria Forms offers Education and Training Institutions the opportunity to use the latest in internet forms technology to bring your course applications online. Our system has been designed with UK colleges to maximise the benefits of online applications, from initial enquiry right through to back-office processing, auditing and monitoring.

With 80% of the population now accessing the internet, there are even more gains to be made from putting paper based processes online, including bringing instant savings and efficiencies to your institution and to offer convenience of instant access and user-friendliness.

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Eligibility rules can be built into the eForm for instant student verification.

The Victoria Forms Design Team work with you to create an online application form designed specifically for your College. The result is an application process that exactly matches existing requirements and internal working practices.

High levels of applications are no problem for our system.
Submitted applications can be emailed as a PDF to any email address for further processing.

Upon submission, an automated email is sent to the applicant. This is fully customisable and can contain information from within the application as a verification method.

Personalised ‘Next Steps’ can be included based on specific answers within the form for a fully personalised user experience.

If you require evidence to be sent with an application, you can use our Attachments module which facilitates the upload of images and supporting documents which will be sent with the form on submission.