Check out what Justin Murray, Director of Big Sky Additions – a Norwich Accountancy Recruitment agency – has to say about VF Creator:

What the agency were doing before:

“Recruitment is traditionally a sector where there is a large amount of formsbased processes. For candidates, this often meant having to spend up to half an hour filling in lengthy paper registration forms in the agency’s office – often during their lunch hour – or they would print off PDFs from an email and then post them back.” Justin says: “This doesn’t create a favourable first impression of the agency. Plus, it creates an administration headache for staff, who should be spending their time on delivering a stand-out, personalised service to clients and candidates, not dealing with manual admin.” Justin Murray, Director initiated the switch to online forms in June 2017.

How Victoria Forms software is being used:

Big Sky’s forms, were originally created in Microsoft Word and were then either printed, or sent as PDFs. Using VF Creator, these Word documents were turned into smart online forms. The new online forms were then published to Big Sky’s online form library (part of the cloud hosted system provided by Victoria Forms). The Victoria Forms software was used to create a streamlined online registration process so that agency staff simply send an email link to candidates after an initial meeting. At a time and on a device that suits them, the candidate completes the online form, which checks itself for errors before submission. The candidate can submit all the required documentation online, attaching a photo ID and signing the online form. Big Sky can also email clients a link to a pre-filled terms of business forms for online acceptance. Big Sky’s employee reference request form is also available online, and a link can be emailed to referees for online and secure completion. Agency staff receive a PDF of the completed, validated and signed forms immediately upon submission. The PDF also contains any uploaded images as extra pages within the single PDF. For a 100% paper free, and seamless process, the PDFs pass into Big Sky’s CRM system.

Assessing the new process:

Justin Murray, Director, comments: “Switching to online forms has significantly reduced our administration burden and made the process of registering new candidates much faster. They can now submit all the required documentation online, at a time that suits them, rather than having to fill in lengthy paper forms when we meet them or print off a PDF and post it back. As a company we have become more efficient and technology-driven in the eyes of our candidates, clients and staff.” Big Sky use the new software VF Creator from Victoria Forms to make changes to their forms in-house. Justin Murray adds: “This is very beneficial for certain forms which aren’t as standardised such as terms of business.”

See the PDF case study here.