Why Microsoft Word is GREAT for forms creation…. And TERRIBLE for forms-filling

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Reasons why Microsoft Word is great for forms creation:

  1. Most professional people know how to use Word, and can put together good form documents.
  2. Word has loads of features for making good looking, well laid out forms – tables, graphics, images, backgrounds, page sizing, etc. Experienced Word users can put together highly professional business forms, for any use.
  3. There are lots of Word features available to assist you as you work – spell checking, grammar checking, document styles, change tracking, etc. You can copy and paste sections of forms from one page to another, and from one form to another, speeding up form creation.
  4. You can print Word documents – some of your clients may still expect a paper version of forms.
  5. Creation of forms is super-fast. Being a desktop product, document creation is never compromised.

Yes, Word is great for creating forms. The problems come when they are to be filled in:

Reasons why Word documents are bad for forms use:

  1. Users without Word cannot complete Word Forms, including most users with mobile devices and tablets.
  2. A Word form can vary in appearance from one brand of word-processor to the next and from one version of Word to the next. You cannot be sure what the end users will be seeing. This is particularly true with Word Online (the browser-based version of Word) – where key features of Desktop Word are not supported.
  3. Word documents don’t validate the data – The returned forms can contain obvious errors and omissions, making more work for staff when they receive incomplete, or erroneous replies.
  4. Users can edit the Word document – inserting their own text, or removing key clauses. You cannot be sure that what you receive is the same as what you send out.
  5. Completed Word documents are returned by email, which is often inconvenient and unreliable – users can’t be sure that the form has been sent and received.

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