Welcome to the Victoria Forms Resource Hub – here you will find links to demonstration pages and forms libraries, a range of Case Studies and other useful information about the products and services we offer.

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Victoria Forms has a number of ready-made standard forms in all categories which can be deployed on your system straight away. Click on each category below to view the ever-expanding lists of available template forms:

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Case Studies

Our Case Studies show how different combinations of products can make a real difference to your organisation. Find out about Councils using our systems for Revenues and Benefits, Licensing, Universal Credit and more!

Angus Case Study Thumbnail

Angus Council

Angus have seen some fantastic results from their implementation of Victoria Forms software alongside training and review schemes for their Revenues and Benefits Service.

Filed under: Revenues & Benefits, assisted live claims within 7 weeks, system benefits, time & money savings
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Barnsley Case Study

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Barnsley have taken full advantage of our ready-to-use forms libraries, implementing 45 eForms in one go. High volumes of claims are submitted every day, prompting Barnsley to seek time saving efficiencies such as Risk Based Verification and Back-Office integration.

Filed under: Revenues & Benefits, implementation, high volume submissions, RBV, evidence upload
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Basildon Case Study Thumbnail

Basildon Council

Basildon Council has embraced Victoria Forms eForm technology, using over 30 forms for their Revenues, Benefits, Business Rates and Housing Departments, as well as developing custom eforms to streamline their internal processes.

Filed under: Revenues & Benefits, major transformation, benefits and savings, comprehensive form suite, combined discount and exemption form
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TLP Case Study Thumbnail

The Licensing Partnership
Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells & Maidstone Councils

The Licensing Partnership is a combination of three local authorities, allowing licences to be dealt with by one central administration team. Their eForms include Payment Integration and advanced back office integration directly into Idox Uniform.

Filed under: Licensing, system benefits, custom designed forms, payment integration
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Wigan Case Study Thumbnail

Wigan Council

Wigan are a Universal Credit pathfinder for the North West, tasked with finding the best way to handle Personal Budget Support (PBS) cases. Victoria Forms developed a PBS system tailored to managing cases and referrals easily, which complements the existing Victoria Forms system.

Filed under: Universal Credit, Personal Budget Support system, savings and benefits, feedback report
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Waltham Forest Case Study Thumb

London Borough of Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest have been a customer of Victoria Forms since 2006, and have taken advantage of the numerous Add-On Modules available that enhance Victoria Forms software – Intelligent document management system routing, Risk Based Verification, Back Office Integration and more.

Filed under: Revenues & Benefits, longterm customer, different completion routes, RBV, Free School Meals, fully automated process, questionnaire form
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Marketing Materials

Add-On Modules

Offline Module

Offline Module

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Attachments Flyer

Attachments Module / Evidence Collection Add-On

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Direct Debit Integration Bank Account Validation

Direct Debit Integration
Bank Account Validation

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Statistics Module

Statistics Module

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Revenues and Benefits

Free School Meals

Free School Meals
(Eligibility Checking Service)

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Benefit Calculator

Benefits Calculator

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Northgate Revenue Integration

Benefits Integration

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Northgate Benefit Integration

Revenues Integration

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CIC Automation

Change in Circumstances Automation

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Personal Budget Support

Personal Budget Support

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eForms System, Accessibility and Licensing

Server Setup

Server Setup

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System Overview

eForm System Overview

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Accessible Forms

Accessible eForms

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Licensing Flyer

Licensing Solution

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Help and Support

Technical Support is available Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays) 9.00am to 5.00pm.

We aim to respond to an email or support call notifying us of any non-critical service problems as soon as possible, and critical service problems within 2 business hours.

We have a comprehensive selection of detailed instruction manuals, and can organise webinar training sessions with one of our knowledgeable members of staff.

Support Email:
Tel: 01284 701000

What happens during a typical project?

We provide a range of E-Forms and applications for you to try.
If you would like to access our demonstrations forms library, which contains an up to date catalogue of all our working standard forms please contact us.

We also provide meetings where one of our representatives can show you our software and solutions, if you would like a demonstration of our products please contact us.

We travel to you or set up a webinar to discuss your project in detail. Here is where we establish timescales for the project and determine the best delivery method to fit in with your existing processes.

We work with your team in to plan your E-Forms project. Our E-form specialists will design, build and deploy E-forms with you. Our services can extend from one form to many: We can implement a phased conversion of your entire forms library to electronic versions, or we can convert individual, mission critical forms, and build tailored applications around them.

Victoria Forms staff will also style and brand the forms according to guidance from the council staff.

For organisations that wish to design forms in-house, we run a two day training course in the use of our E-form software. The course covers:

  • Forms graphics design
  • Adding and controlling interactivity
  • Best practice in forms design
  • Form Library design projects
  • We also provide custom training courses, tailored to the needs of your E-form project.

Victoria Forms will visit you to provide training for key staff in the use of the system and online forms themselves. We conduct training on site, with a full day set aside, to conduct training course tailored your requirements.

This will typically be a “train the trainer” approach, where key admin staff will be given a detailed, hands-on run through of all aspects of the system. The Admin training program typically takes 1.5 – 3 hours for staff. If required, the Victoria Forms trainer can run through “user” level training for staff that will be accessing and completing forms in an assisted mode. User training takes less than 2 hours.

System Admin training:

  • Manage Users (including setting up users who will be accessing the system)
  • Configure Forms
  • Branding Forms
  • System Configuration
  • Setting up form hyperlinks (self-service)
  • Filled Forms (export, archiving)

End user training:

  • Login, Blank Forms, Filling out a form
  • Buttons / Controls, Keyboard shortcuts
  • Error checking
  • Hidden pages / Non relevant fields
  • Proof symbols, Evidence checklist
  • Filled Forms

For organisations that have non-standard requirements for their use of E-form processes, we provide custom software development. Our programmers can write bespoke add-ons to our existing software products to fit in with your needs.

For software developers using our E-form technology for your own projects, we provide programming support and custom code for using our software to fast-track your project’s completion.

Technical Support is available Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays) 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Response to an email or support call notifying us of any non-critical service problems as soon as possible and in any event within 8 business hours Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays).

Response to an email or support call notifying us of any critical service problems as soon as possible and in any event within 2 business hours Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays).

We offer secure hosting services for all our solutions if required. Alternatively, our software can also be hosted on existing servers, with setup and maintenance guidance from our experienced team of technology staff.

Victoria Forms design team will maintain the form content. We make regular updates, improvements and additions to eForm libraries.

All forms are adapted for regulation changes. With major changes, we create a dedicated website for our customers 1-2 months before changes are due to go live, and make previews of forms, and our calculator available to customers, giving us time to make any changes according to any received feedback. Updated forms are then added to the system, and can be turned on by an administrator, at the appropriate time.